Firsts for Me

My first post! Pretty exciting. I’m a pretty new collector, and I just got my first album in the mail today. It’s Mystic’s American Heritage album, the regular (not the hingeless) version, and it’s pretty fantastic. Not only does it have heavy pages and little photographs of each stamp for those of us who don’t have ready access to the Scott catalog, but nearly every stamp has a little accompanying paragraph telling about the subject matter or interesting info on the stamp itself. As a new collector, the 1000+ pages and three binders felt a little overwhelming at first, but I managed to affix a couple dozen stamps in less than two hours, so it’s not hard to use at all. Volume I contains pages for everything up into the 1980s, so there’s also not a ton of flipping back and forth.


My two 1893 Columbians were the first stamps to go in the album. It’s rather embarrassing, but I managed to stick in the first one both on the wrong page and upside-down, and so had to move it not once but twice. Nothing adverse happened, but it made me pretty nervous. 

I’m a fairly poor (finance-wise) collector, and am thankful for the affordable nature of my hobby. Being able to own a 122-year-old piece of history is pretty fantastic. I’m looking forward to filling many of the gaps in my pages, and having the first full page will be thrilling. 


And yes, they’re huge.

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